SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

ABSolute2 Final Version, Pictures of Prints

Written by Ph. Boichut on Monday, 09 January 2017. Published in News

The final version of ABSolute2 prints since several months.

All the issues are fixed now, the tests of resistance are closed and production is launched.

Some examples of our test files :

(Material ABS, color neutral)

Warping test... 


A part (180mm) with thickness variations


A technical part
(Courtesy of Hutchinson) 

Mechanical part

(Courtesy of Rossignol)

A part with thick area and smooth thin area

Similar part printed in "Vase" mode.

  • Ooohhh .... havn't looked at this site for a year plus. A new "Spiderbot!

    I like the way the plate rests on the magnets, rather than head pulling - head construction is not weight limited. Hmmm... On my "old" Spiderbot I have printed auger helixes 160mm high and only 20mm diameter at the base (with a 25mm skirt for adhesion). I am wondering if such a model would survive the shaking and stay adheaed? (files available on request).

    I was looking a the technical specs and was mssing info on : What CPU are you using for the controller(s) (on my Spiderbot the Megatronicsboards is ustr Gcode, and a Raspeberry is running Octoprint) it just says "32bit". Which software is bundled

    The prints on this blog entry look GREAT ! (but so does evey demo ;-) ) I hope the machine becomes a success.

    about 1 year ago
  • We use the new Ultratronics Pro from Reprapworld.
    Octoprint and Repetier host (modified).
    Please send me the file of auger helixes, I'll do a try...

    about 1 year ago