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Some Pictures & Specs. of the Maped Machine

Written by Ph. Boichut on Friday, 22 January 2016. Published in News

Some Pictures/Videos and Specs of the Machine

The machine will be mass-produced and marketed in the middle of the year (for information please do contact me: pboichut[at]qualup.com)

Modèle Déposé



Modèle Déposé



The Servomotor used in the SpiderBot DualHead doesn't work at 90°C, I redesigned a new system able to work at this temperature.
Everything is mechanic, no overheat risq... the video below :

Tilting Dual Head Mechanism

Here are the specs:

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Structure

• Precision Linear Guides and belts resistant to 90°C continuously

• Build Volume  250mm diameter x 200mm height.

Resolution: Z = 1.4μm, 4.7μm ~ XY.

Printing material : ABS, HIPS (PLA and other printables material possible)

Filament dia 1.75mm

Travel speed > 300mm / sec.

• Tilting Dual Head with mechanical operation.

Cooled filament feed tube.

Dual Extrusion head “Bowden” type cooled by forced air.

Print head temperature: Adjustable up to 360°C (independent on each head and controlled by thermocouples 1000°C)

• Simplified  maintenance : Interchangeable print heads in less than 10 minutes.

2 Dual-Drive Extruders with all-metal gears and guides.

Delta Robot with exclusive Three Spheres System, doped Neodymium magnets resistant to 150°C continuously.

Heated and regulated Printing Chamber (adjustable between 30 and 90°C).

Internal ventilation by high-speed air blades.

Isolated Printing Chamber with double glazing.

Bed and Machine Auto calibration at each print start.

Security system and stop machine in case of problem.

Filament end control.

Heated PEI Bed : up to 140°C.

Use of any standard ABS and HIPS filament dia 1.75mm (Spools Maxi diameter : 240mm, Max height : 120mm).

Electronic :

  • 32-bit Motherboard
  • 1/128 Stepper drivers
  • Removable Graphics Screen
  • Autonomous printing
  • SDRam,
  • WIFI
  • Ethernet Network connection.
  • Connectors : USB or RJ45

2 operating modes:

"User": Gcode File Upload , Movement control, Printing

"Administrator" Printing and total control with access to the EEPROM settings, machine configuration...

Slicer: KISSlicer and/or Simplify3D

  • Superbe !!!!

    about 2 years ago
  • Le résultat de nos efforts commence à se matérialiser:)
    Bravo, même s'il reste la dernière ligne droite.

    On est tout de même pas peu fier.

    about 2 years ago
  • Hi Philippe,

    Looks impressive. It looks like the Ferrari of all delta printers ;-)

    about 2 years ago
  • Nivell to hear it Will bring 32 bit board! Keep on!

    about 2 years ago
  • Most important thing is not mentioned: PRICE

    about 2 years ago
  • @Marijan Pollak
    you can also challenge or tell what price you expect or be ready to pay for ?
    is it 5.000€ / 10.000€ / 15.000€ / 20.000€ ... ?
    I don't know the price but I consider 10.000€ as a good price for a reliable industrial 3D printer with dual head 360°C and heated chamber ...

    about 2 years ago
  • Mr. Becker, what kind of pricing is that? First of all, I am poor, or rather, extremely poor inventor who invented new kind of Wind Turbines
    at least 8 TIMES as effective as best standard models with 3 blades. I need to print at least 60cm diameter turbines, at least 84 cm high.
    I may get some investors to invest me money, so what should I tell them, that I do not know the cost of 3D printer I need?
    Nowadays, there are 3D printers of size, at 5000$, 60cm x 80cm, 100cm x 150cm and extensible.
    However I purchased dual printhead of SPIDERBOT, just there was some confusion as I mistakenly believed that extruders are included on
    Platform together with hot ends, but they were actually included in Price, and are separate monsters 2.7 Kg in weight.
    So to be able to use printhead, I have to purchase rest od Spiderbot, but I cannot even do that now. Another problem is Gcode generating Slicer program, that require 437 TERABYTES for Gcode of 105 cm diameter and 180cm high turbine, which is simply example of bad programming.
    Next some things are missing in such super expensive 3D printer, such as protection from Brownout or Blackout while Printe is in the middle of print, Filament run out and so on. I am also wondering why is such high temperature required inside printer, when it is easier to print "Raft" and print jest fine on that. I even cannot purchase Hot Plate of 60cm diameter, much less of greater diameter, as they are not on the market. I also noticed that Z direction of SpiderBot can be much greater, at least 40cm, but it is not. Last but not least if I would have 15,000$, I can purchase used but refurbished 3D printer some 60cm by 40cm by 30cm workspace, laser syntering machine, therefore very precise.
    However while I can produce my own Filament from waste plastic, i cannot produce Plastic dust. So what would You do in my place?
    Sincerely, Marijan Pollak
    Oh, yes, You should notify me of Your answer or rather write by email oberonmp@gmail.com if You please.

    about 1 year ago
  • hhonored Mssr. Boichout, I cannot find most important information: PRICE! It is still not so big to fit my needs.
    Please adwise how to calculate arms lenght if Inscribed circle in triangle has 63 cm diameter, that is one of things i do not have.
    I would also like to put that ventilator similar to what You have done on ABSOLUTE, as it is protruding too much.
    Likewise I need 2 spools holder.stl file, if You can send that. Otherwise, I am expecting some money soon so I would like to purchase
    ABSLUTE, or at least rest of SPIDERBOT, , that we were negotiating before. but that would be kind of step back, now that this 69cm diameter ROSTOCK is nearly finished. However that would take replacing all cables and pipes as well as printhead redesign, and right now I can barely see the keyboard letters.
    Thanks in advance!
    Marijan Pollak

    about 1 year ago