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SpiderBot V3.0 Coming soon

Written by Ph. Boichut on Tuesday, 05 September 2017. Published in News

SpiderBot 3.0 Preview !

After near one year of development, we are happy to announce the V3.0 of SpiderBot will be released in a couple of weeks. This version benefits from several research and evolutions of the ABSolute2...

What's New :

 - New Three Spheres System :
    - Magnets dia 8.0mmx25mm lenght (2.7Kg)
    - 9 Spheres dia 18.0mm case-hardened steel
    - New magnets supports
    - Strong carbon fiber arms dia 14.00mm
    - New 3 spheres plate
    - New carriage supports

- 32bits Motherboard Ultratronics 1.0
with 1/128e stepper drivers, for smooth and fast moves


- Controled heated chamber
Up to 60°C by thermistor

- New stainless steel heater for chamber (easier maintenance)

- Improvement in filament guidance in the extruder and heads
- New filament spool support (accept standard Dia 200mm, with still possibility to use Dia 160mm spools)
- Bed leveling autocalibration before each print (we use original BLTouch from Antclabs)





- New single head including :
    - Integrated bed leveling (BLTouch)
    - J-Head fixation "norm", you can change the head easily and swap to an E3D, Dyze Design, J-Head...
    - New Enclosure of head (The STL / STEP files of enclosures are available on request)

- Completely new dual head Including :
    - Integrated Bed leveling (BLTouch)
    - Full metal ball joints for tilting mechanism (instead of IGUS plastic ball joint)
    - 2 cooling Fans
    - New servo motor : bigger size, metal gears, control rod with metal ball joint (more robust, better accuracy)
    - New enclosure


- Several minor improvement

  • Hello Philippe,

    Is there any update on the launch of the V3.0? I would love to place an order. :)



    about 7 months ago
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