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Why an Heated Chamber at 90°C

Written by Ph. Boichut on Friday, 23 June 2017. Published in News

I made tests with my ABSolute using ABS and different temperatures of heated chamber...

The part is very simple : a Square 170mm, 5mm thickness, 50mm height

It looks very easy to print, especially with a printer with Heated Chamber...



In fact no... Not so easy, I print this square with my ABSolute 2 and a Chamber at 75°C, the part still warps !


And these warping create stripes on the part easy to see with low-angled light




The same file printed in a 88°C chamber... Same print parameters except chamber temperature

Result :


Even with low angle light



The print is very nice, zero tension in the part, zero warping, zero mark !

These 13°C make the difference.

If you want perfect prints, you need 85°C heated chamber, minimum... 70°C or 75°C is not enough for large parts in ABS.



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