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Micrometer screws for print platform

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Friday, March 14 2014, 02:34 PM
I have been looking at adding micrometer screws for on my print bed. I rarely, if ever level my build platform, but think it would look great and when needed be really usefull.

Looking at three of these for 11 Euro's each:



Other website:


They come in various screw sizes (Metric) so I just have to find one that will fit.
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      Friday, March 14 2014, 08:48 PM - #permalink
      Maybe overkill :D , but you would certainly be able to get your bed flat- probably flatter than the bed itself..... You might want to look at this upgrade in combination with a really flat bed as well out of borosilicate glass.
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      Friday, March 14 2014, 08:54 PM - #permalink
      BTW- I'm doing a test print right now at 0.05mm layer height, 45mm/s print speed, and 1/32 micro-stepping (doubling XYZ resolution) in PLA using Cura as slicer, with a new 0.3mm nozzle, and new hot end fan design. Things are looking very very good. I spend about $100 in upgrades (incl. shipping) to get to this level. Will post soon. :D :D :D
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      Friday, March 14 2014, 09:14 PM - #permalink
      Yes, it might be overkill. But I think it would look sweet! Plus, I don't have the semi automated bed leveling.

      David, you are really pushing the printer to the next level! Maybe we should document your setup for other users who want to push the level of detail (low z resolution / small wall thickness). :D
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