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New heated bed vs cartridge heaters

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Thursday, October 09 2014, 10:24 PM
One of the retrofits available is the "new heated bed" - basically a resisitive tape heater meandered over the whole bed. How do they compare ? Well on my system:

1) The original cartridge heater took about 10 minutes to get to 100degC
2) Insulating the bottom with rock wool, and in so doing closing off the gap to the lower electronics bay, brought that down to around 6mins
3) The new bed with no insulation, but with the provided aluminium baffle closing the opening to the lower electronics bay, managed it in 4 minutes
4) Adding insulation made no difference at all - makes me think that perhaps on the original design heat loss was not so much as radiative loss out the back but more just down to cooling air flowing up and around it.
5) I suppose for completeness I should really test the new heater with no baffle but I'll save that for a rainy day.

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      Thursday, October 09 2014, 10:59 PM - #permalink
      I currently still have the original 20A power supply, a friend who has the same spiderbot as I has the 30A power supply, initially, heating my bed to 105 degrees could take 16 minutes on his it was around 7, then when we both insulated with rockwoll his took 5-6 and mine around 11. I guesse every little thing helps.

      I will check again with the new bed and 30A. The SpiderBot has really seen continuous improvements over time. Which is something I can really admire and apriciate in a supplier. :)
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