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Printing in PLA with ABS as a soluble interface ?

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Thursday, October 16 2014, 03:15 PM
Standard soluble support combinations I know of are:

ABS/HIPS (support dissolves in D-limonene)
ABS/PVA (support slowly dissolves in water)
ABS/PLA (need nasty chemicals to dissolve PLA so not recommended)

but how about

PLA/ABS (Acetone is readily available and quickly dissolves ABS so maybe it makes an alternative to the ABS/HIPS couple ?)

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      Thursday, October 16 2014, 04:40 PM - #permalink
      The info/experience I have :

      ABS/HIPS : It works pretty good with the KISSlicer option Interface Ext, there is HIPS only on area where support touch the part, no need to dissolve a big volume of HIPS.
      Just one limitation : if your D-Limonene is old (has dissolved several pieces, generally becomes white and opaque), it needs longer time to dissolve the HIPS and then D-limonene affect the ABS (ABS become brittle if staying 15hours in D-limonene).

      ABS/PVA : Never tried PVA, the info I have (from an experienced friend) is PVA is difficult to print, take very easily humidity, and is subject to go mouldy if not stored in good conditions.

      ABS/PLA : I didn't found "easy to find" products that dissolve PLA.

      PLA/ABS : I have no idea of time needed to dissolve ABS in Aceton but maybe it can work with the same option "Interface Ext".
      I put sticks of ABS and PLA in acetone now, and will give you info tomorrow...

      Note : I made some tests of HIPS prints with single head, HIPS is not difficult to print (220°C) with heated bed (~100°C) and heated Chamber.
      Final quality is a bit less good than ABS, variations of thickness of the part are more visible.
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      Thursday, October 16 2014, 04:46 PM - #permalink
      Ph. Boichut wrote:
      I put a stick of ABS in acetone now, and will give you info tomorrow...

      I spilled some on my workbench a few weeks ago and the ABS feet on my printer started dissolving within seconds :(
      I also occasionally touch up ABS prints or "weld" ABS parts together with a cotton bud dipped in acetone - starts dissolving very quickly !
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