SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Hej printers,
needed some adjustments, but the third try is really perfect from bottom to top.
So for the simplify users i attach the factory file.
You will have to experiment with the extrusion multiplier, i tweaked the eprom setting 20% less and
in addition i reduced the realtime extrusion factor on the machine control panel to 80%, so it's just 64% in total...
But with this it's the most perfect printout i ever did...
Happy printing,
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      Wednesday, June 18 2014, 08:29 AM - #permalink
      Hi Aubergino, Hi all,

      Did one (infact two!) two days ago, mounted yesterday and very convenient!!!

      Tell me more about flow tweaking!!!!, mine is hawfull compared to your part!!!

      several spider web, dots and infill is not good (too much material)!

      I directly used .gcode by Philippe

      Amazed with speed (twice my regular printing speed) and result is much better than my usual prints!!!!

      Thank you Philippe for your design, clever, easy to build and mount!

      Have a good day!

      Benoit From France
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      Wednesday, June 18 2014, 03:16 PM - #permalink
      Hi all,

      I'm printing it now, en it looks good.

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      Wednesday, June 18 2014, 03:17 PM - #permalink
      One more try to attach the factory file... failed again - maybe to big?
      You can download it here instead.
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      Wednesday, June 18 2014, 03:57 PM - #permalink
      @ProfBen about the feedrate:

      I found the feedrate together with the extrusion width to be the settings with a very high influence on the blobs and spider web. In Simplify, you also have a "coast" setting, telling the extruder to stop feeding before a loop ends end retraction. The extrusion width should be just like the nozzle width or a little smaller for 1-peimeter-objects. Don't use the "auto" setting in Simplify, it seems to feed too much filament.

      The trouble with the feedrate ist that the right value depends on the material - i use philippes white and red filament - the red is very reliable, while the white the feedrate (or the volume per length?) seems to be somewhat instable.

      I just checked the eprom setting (Steps per mm of extrusion) and found that with the red filament, it is almost not tweaked - when i order 5cm's feed, it feeds 4.9cm. Before now i did this setting with the white filament, and i had reduced it down to some 4.2cm feed - that was my tweak to get smooth prints with a printing feedrate setting around 1. Maybe if you are a real enthusiast, you should calibrate that whenever you change the filament.

      But now i understand why i found 0.8 to be the extrusion factor for the red ABS - no blobs, no spiderweb - and close to 1.0 for the white...

      So you really have to experiment. When starting a print with a bottom surface, i watch the first two layers and i turn down the runtime feedrate control so that there aren't even the smallest blobs between the perimeters, but the perimeters still are perfectly connected. Keep an eye on the center points of triangular or circular perimeters, they are most likely to get too much material and build blobs growing with every layer.

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      Wednesday, June 18 2014, 07:17 PM - #permalink
      Hej all, just mounted the fan duct - looks great and functional...

      Actually i still don't really understand what that cooling is for, but whatever it is it will be done better now ;-)

      Thanks ProfBen and Antoine!
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      Saturday, November 08 2014, 12:39 PM - #permalink
      Having put together my Spiderbot earlier in the year I have struggled to give it the attention it deserves, but I wanted to share my recent experience printing the fan duct using the G Code file provided. My problem has been to do with getting the part to adhere to the bed - I seem to be making progress with this now however with some hints from Philippe and Prof Ben - I ensure the bed is thoroughly cleaned with Acetone before starting to print - and then increase the flowrate to 120% and reduce the federate to 80% for the first layer. I should add that I went through bed levelling and Z calibration as first step but found this to be fine.
      I still had the duct lift a little on the final print but decided to repair this once the print was complete rather than have another attempt.
      I am using the PEI bed and also the part heater - the part heater I turn on manually before the print starts using M198.
      I wondered if anyone might suggest a strategy for the use of the part heater - I am turning it on at the start of the print but I am conscious that the main fan comes on as well part way through. Should the main fan not be used when the part heater is on printing with ABS, or is it ok to run both fans at the same time?
      PS - I am hoping that there is going to be a picture attached here showing the printed fan duct on the machine printing a small clamping component for another project....
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      Sunday, November 09 2014, 09:07 PM - #permalink
      For those interested, I did some searching a while ago. For the single extruder there is a similar fan from Sunon, with the same airflow but 12 dB less noise. The problem is that its like 10 USD more expensive then the current one. You can order one here for 28 USD + shipping.

      The dimensions are slightly different, so the fan duct will require some redesign.
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