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Selling used Spiderbot, what Price

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Monday, April 02 2018, 01:52 PM
Hej Printers, there is no forum rules that forbid using the forum as a marketplace? If so, mods please delete!

If not, here it comes:

After two years with my spiderbot, i decided my curiosity concerning 3D-Printing is somewhat satified. The spiderbot was the best that could happen to me to learn a lot, and i am still convinced it es one of the most accureately developped printers in the market.

But i just lacked time to deal with 3D-Printing for one year now, and in the near future it won't be better, instead i will leave home for traveling around europe for at least one year and thereafter find a new place to live, so the printer turns into a kind of ballast...

It is fully equipped with dual head and the fascinating PFE printing table. For Filament supply, i put a wooden support on top of the printer wich takes two spools next to each other on a horizontal axle. Instead of the - in my experience - not so perfect "part heater" i equipped it with a big fan with heater under the chambers heating.

With the printer, i offer 7 spools of ABS filament in different colours, some still unpacked.

Before offering it on ebay i like to offer it here in the community.

And i also take the opportunity to ask if anybody has an idea what price to ask for it?

Thanks for any comment,
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