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Spare 3 sphere plate after upgrade?

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Saturday, March 21 2015, 12:39 PM
Having a spare plate available after upgrade, knocked up a mount for my dial indicator, makes setting up the bed simple, as you let the bed warm up and choose your datum, then probe round the bed

G1 X0 Y0 Z20 F3000 ; Centre
;G1 X-76.21 Y-44 Z10 F3000 ; Tower 1
;G1 X76.21 Y-44 Z10 F3000 ; Tower 2
;G1 X0 Y88 Z10 F3000 ; Tower 3
;G1 X76.21 Y44 Z10 F3000 ; Tower 1 Inverse
;G1 X-76.21 Y44 Z10 F3000 ; Tower 2 Inverse
;G1 X0 Y-88 Z10 F3000 ; Tower 3 Inverse

Adjusting the heights to the datum.

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