SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

There are times, while doing my due diligence in researching a topic for 3ders, that I let out a curious “hmmm” rather suddenly. This little bump of unplanned exhale ultimately can be translated to “well then, why didn’t I think of that” or “that certainly is a good approach to an old problem” or something along those lines.

So when I was reading up on SpiderBot’s delta inspired filament based 3D printer and let that contemplative half moan out I knew I was, at the very least, diving head first into a new approach to an old way of 3D print thinking.

Their newly announced and cleverly named ABSolute 2 3D printer is typical FDM at first glance but some of the features quickly extend beyond the typical upon closer inspection. As the name suggests, it is primed for ABS 3D printing (something many of the PLA focused systems have veered away from in recent years) in that it comes equipped with a 90°C heated chamber that “ensures perfect prints in ABS.”

This makes sense considering a drawback to the material in other 3D printers has always been cracking / delamination of large objects. Large scale FDM companies like Stratasys have been using heated chambers to resolves this for some time while open-source companies have been held back due to Stratasys patents surrounding the concept. It now appears SpiderBot has been able to find a way to heat their chamber enough to avoid any and all cracking with their ABSolute 2.

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