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Friday, January 02 2015, 06:52 PM
Hey Printers,

congratulations to philippe for having rolled out the 2.0 printer.
For sure, now he sits around on his settee thinking what to do next afraid to get bored ;-) .
We could inspire him by collecting ideas for improvements und upgrades...

Just to start with:

- i would appreciate a easier admittance to the several parts of the printer. For example the housing could be separated into three parts, either vertically or horizontally, so you no longer have to deal with like 2 sqare meters of stiff plastic you don't know where to put while doing small repairs or maintenance work...

- and i would like again to draw philipps attention to the part heating system which seems to me to be quite insufficient (blowing hot air downstream into the center-fan generated upstream at the chambers perimeter). See my old topic:
http://www.spiderbot.eu/en/forum/air-flow-within-spiderbot-chamber-chamber-heater.html showing a very satisfying and meanwhile well proven solution when scrolled down to the last entry.

Thanks and happy printing,
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      Saturday, January 03 2015, 01:32 PM - #permalink
      Yes, I'm also curious what is next, with the Autonomous Printing upgrade and the Dual Extruder there does not seem to be much left, haha. :D

      Splitting up the printer? Or do you mean the enclosure? I'm not sure if that would still be looking OK. But might be worth a test.

      What I usually do with my enclosure is to slide it behind my book cases, there is like a 2 cm gap between them and the wall. I just have to be careful not to scrape the wall coverings off with the aluminum bit when sliding it in.

      From a technical point of view I don't completely agree with your proposed part heater variant. Yes it uses the existing fan super nicely, but it will be blowing hot air directly at the print head.

      Also, on my printer (and maybe future series productions) I have replaced the Air Flow Fan with a much larger fan that has ~5% more air flow but it basically silent (it produces 20 less dB in sound). That one sucks the hot air in from the center and blows it down on the sides around the center and thus the print head. Works very nicely. See attached image. It is the BitFenix Spectre Pro 200 mm and costs about 14 Euro's (excl shipping).
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      Saturday, March 07 2015, 11:05 AM - #permalink
      Hej Caspar,

      your fan solution produces a downward air stream around the chamber - thus the part heater fan blowing direction is the same as the air flow direction. That is much better then before. And maybe better than blowing top down onto the part. But is it really a problem to do that? I mean, as long as the temperature blown onto the part ist the temperature we want to be the part surrounded by? However, what i am afraid of when using philippes/your part heater ist that you should get temperature gradients around the heater and thus the part, as you are heating only one side of the chamber.

      The sythesis of our solutions might be center fan (yours or philippes) blowing upwards like yours through the heater i use. But that on the other hand might overheat the top plate?

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