SpiderBot Base Frame

The best way to build your SpiderBot. This kit includes everything you need to easily build your SpiderBot 3D printer with the latest upgrades.

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Product Description

The SpiderBot Custom version 2.1, select and personalize your SpiderBot

To see the news of version 2.1 click here


  • Heated build platform (temperature up to 120°C ) and easily removeable build plate.
  • Semi Automatic Bed leveling.
  • Printing resolution: 0.15 to 0.45mm Z layer thickness.
  • PLA, ABS, HIPS print capability,  using 1.75mm filament, 1 kg spool (Dia 160mm x 90mm)
  • Printing Area: Single head 180mm diameter x 200mm tall ( 7" diameter x 7.8" tall approximately), Dual Head : Dia~158x200mm.
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.3 to 0.8 mm.
  • Delta robot principle.
  • Linear guideway +  Carriages MGN12C
  • Robust Aluminum / Stainless Steel frame.
  • Rigid carbon fiber arms.
  • Three Spheres System Printhead with strong Magnetic rod ends.
  • Motherboard Megatronic V3.0 (control up to 6 stepper motors).
  • Operating temperature : 15°/25°C

Interactive 3D view (with Single head, PEI Bed & Part Heater Option)

Click the arrow button to initiate a interactive 3D view of the SpiderBot, use the mouse with click and drag to change orientation. Interaction is already possible during the loading process. Works also on mobile/tablet! Use one finger to drag and change orientation.


Kit Contents


  • Step-by-step assembly instructions provided through download. Where each step includes one or more detailed 3D views.
  • Stainless steel screws and nuts for all components.
  • All wires are pre wired with Molex connectors, there is no need for any soldering, nor wiring.
  • Everything is sorted in sealed plastics bags with numbers corresponding to the steps in the assembly instructions.
  • Laser CNC cut Aluminium with thicknesses 1 to 6 mm.
  • All parts are made with laser cut precision, no need for calibration or adjusting geometry. The only geometric calibration required is the Z (height) and level of the print bed in relation to the extruder.


  • 3x Main disk support.
  • Middle disk inkjet with film
  • 3x Linear guideways lenght 400mm +  3 Carriages MGN12C
  • 3x Stainless Steel Rails 90x15x800mm
  • 3x Top reinforcement bracket.
  • 3x Bottom reinforcement bracket.
  • 3x 1245mm HTD-3 belts.
  • 3x Nema 17 Hi-torque stepper motor.
  • 3x 12 teeth Pulley for HTD-3 type belt (stepper motor).
  • 3x 20 teeth Pulley for HTD-3 type belt (tension system).
  • 3x Needle bearing D6xD10x9mm.
  • 3x Cap head shoulder screw.
  • 3x Tension system for belt.
  • 120x120mm Main Air Flow Fan.

Enclosure (Option)

  • CNC cut Polycarbonate sheet , thickness 1.0 mm.
  • Enclosure dimension (unroled) ~800 x 1240mm.
  • SpiderBot Professional printing label.
  • 2 x 2 laser cut aluminium guide for enclosure fixation on printer.
  • 2mm laser cut aluminium top hood.

Rods (pre-assembled)

  • 6 x Light weight and rigid carbon fiber tube rod. Outer diameter 7.0mm, circularity better than 0.07mm/meter (0.003"/meter).
  • Magnetic Rod Ends.
  • Three Ball System Head (only 3 balls support the extrusion head).
  • 2 Balls per vertical carriage.


          Extruder (Option)
  • Double drive unit with automatic wire diameter variation compensasion.
  • Robust double groove driving system (1.75mm filament), excluding any wire slip and wire marks.
  • Hi-torque extrusion system : Nema 23 stepper motor.
  • All aluminium CNC cut parts.
  • 2 x Pa 6.6 30% fiberglass machined gears.
  • Automatic tension system with polyurethane spring.
  • Possibility to take off the filament without changing the adjustment/setup of extruder
  • Easy opening service door that does not change the preload of Polyurethane spring


Extrusion Hose (Option depending extrusion head selection )
  • 600mm (about 2 feet) robust and flexible PTFE smooth hose.
  • Professionnal end fittings.
Extrusion head : Single or Dual (Option)
  • Aluminium top heat sink including support for 30mm fan.
  • Stainless steel thermal break.
  • Brass nozzle diameter 0.5mm/.020" (option 0.20, 0.30, 0.40, 0.60, 0.70, 0.80 mm) for M6 threaded head and PTFE liners.
  • One ceramic heating cartridge 12V 40W + 1 meter hi-temperature wiring.
  • One thermocouple PTFE isolated.
  • Extruder Cooling : Aluminium heat sink + One turbine fan.
  • Professional Molex connectors.
  • Wire protection by polyolefin spirals binding.

Option :

  • Hi temperature Thermocouple glass fiber isolated





Build Bed

  • Removable Aluminium Bed with 180mm diameter 3D print film.
  • 3mm Laser cut aluminium bed support with 3 CHC screws for bed level calibration.
  • Heater : 120W 12V heater (up to 120°C), hi-temperature wire.
  • One 100k thermistor + PTFE isolated wire section 0.5mm².
  • Wire protection by polyolefin spirals binding.
  • Semi Automatic Bed Leveling by probing the bed support with the tip of Nozzle.

Electronic components

  • Mother Board: Arduino ATMega2560 MEGATRONICS 3.0 with Firmware configured and uploaded.
  • Power Supply : Input 110/220V,  Output 12V/30A.
  • 1.50m 110/220 power cable for German-French plug included (others power cable: US, UK etc. available on demand).
  • Connection to PC: USB 2.0. Option RJ45 with Raspberry Pi/ Octoprint
  • USB cable 1.80 meter lenght included.
  • All wiring with Molex connectors, wire protection by polyolefin spirals binding.

Lights (Enclosure Option)

  • 2 x 12V LED Lines.
  • Wiring with Molex connectors


  • Free preconfigured software delivered through download. KISSlicer and RepetierHost.
  • All-in-one installation setup provided for Windows XP SP3,  Vista, 7 and 8.
  • Compatible with most open-source 3D printer software.


What is not included

  • Printing Material.
  • Tools for assembly. A list of required tools is provided in the assembly instructions manual, click here to download (4Mb).

Technical Specifications (After Assembly)

  • Dimensions: Diameter 405mm x 800mm high.
  • Weight: ~15Kg (33lbs).

Specifications are subject to change without notice for technical improvement.



Pre Assembled Parts :  + 200€

For ease of assembly, the Pre Assembled Parts option provides you with the following conveniences: 

  • The filament extruder is completely assembled and calibrated, tested settings have been preloaded in the Megatronics control board which is included in your order.
  • The three linear guideway are assembled in the rails including the channels for cables and wires . 
  • Extrusion Head and guide cable will arrive pre assembled. This way the extrusion head and filament/cable guide can easily be installed by plugging in the Molex connectors and linking the magnetic rod ends to the spheres on the bottom plate of the extrusion head. The extrusion head will furthermore be be tested to be fully functional before shipping. The assembly includes the following parts:
    • The hot end with wiring.
    • Three Sphere Plate.
    • PTFE Tube
    • Fan, including support.
    • Molex connectors with wiring.
  • The removable build plate will come with a plastic film applied ready for printing.


PEI Bed : + 69€

  • A replaceable print bed constructed from Polyetherimide (PEI) material, allows prints of PLA (bed temperature at 50/60°C) or ABS (bed temperature at 95°/115C). The use of a PEI bed is a big step forward in 3D printing when it comes to bed adhesion and reduced warpage.
  • Benefits Robust and perfect adhesion of ABS parts. Requires no tape, film, glues or special preparation.
  • Easy maintenance, only clean with alcohol or aceton before print.
  • Specifications :
    • Laser cut Aluminium Sheet thickness: 2.0 mm.
    • Waterjet Cut PEI thickness: close to 1.0 mm.


Printed Part Heater : + 160€

  •  A fan that blows hot air on the part during prints. 
  • Allows to print big parts in ABS
  • Reduce parts torsion and deformation
  • Includes 110V or 220V - 350W Aluminium Part heater with Fan, Aluminium Support, Relay, Relay support, Screws & nuts, Wires with Molex Connectors, Cables channel... 



Step-by-step assembly instructions in the SpiderBot Assembly manual. Each step includes one or more detailed 3D views.

View on line the instruction manual by clicking here.




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