SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

SpiderBot v2.2


The Delta 3D Printer with all the features you can dream of
Optimized for ABS...


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SpiderBot Dual Extruder


Order your printer with Tilting Dual Head

or as a separate upgrade.


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Three Spheres System (TSS)


The Extrusion Head is supported by a single plate
with only 3 Spheres and the Rod-End magnets.

The TSS is a combination of magnets with spherical bearing surfaces at every end of the
6 carbon tubes connected to three spheres on the support plate that holds the extrusion head.

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Hi-Temperature Full Metal Head

The Full Metal Extrusion Head works up to 360°C



"High Temperature" extruder option available. This will allow for extrusion at
temperatures in the range of around 360°C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it a kit? Why do you sell the SpiderBot only as a kit?

    Yes, it is a kit, for the following reasons:

    1. First of all in order to save shipping costs. To ship an assembled product worldwide requires very strong packaging, it increases the cost a lot. Having a look at the Fedex requirement for fragile items, it is not so easy to ship such products without good and very expensive, packaging. We do not want to take the risk that our printer is delivered damaged.
    2. Secondly, we have made the choice to use hi-quality components, and you save the money on the assembly.
    Created on 30/11/-0001 in Frequently Asked Questions