SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

SpiderBot v2.2


The Delta 3D Printer with all the features you can dream of
Optimized for ABS...


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SpiderBot Dual Extruder


Order your printer with Tilting Dual Head

or as a separate upgrade.


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Three Spheres System (TSS)


The Extrusion Head is supported by a single plate
with only 3 Spheres and the Rod-End magnets.

The TSS is a combination of magnets with spherical bearing surfaces at every end of the
6 carbon tubes connected to three spheres on the support plate that holds the extrusion head.

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Hi-Temperature Full Metal Head

The Full Metal Extrusion Head works up to 360°C



"High Temperature" extruder option available. This will allow for extrusion at
temperatures in the range of around 360°C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What software do you use to control the printer?

    The first deliveries will be with KISSlicer (www.kisslicer.com) and Repetier Host (www.repetier.com).
    We provide a setup which installs all the required software in a SpiderBot folder and does not interfere with any existing configuration.
    Spiderbot uses a standard Arduino Board : Megatronics from reprapworld.com (the Netherlands), a RAMPS derivation.
    The firmware is a Repetier derivative. "Normally" it should work with any software control which works with Repetier firmware.
    We plan to build a configuration for Replicator G/Skeinforge, but only after the first deliveries and we cannot give a delay for the moment.

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